Our Story

Female owned, heart driven, sustainable luxury clothing, custom made in New York City. We support entrepreneurs and make clothing that has a positive impact on the planet, mind, body and spirit. We give back by donating 1% to Honor The Earth, which supports indigenous environmental issues.

The Founder

Rachel Ackley, our fashion designer, is also a Yoga and Breathwork Instructor, with advanced trainings in reiki, cacao medicine, physioyoga, restorative yoga and health coaching.

With a Native American background, Rachel has always been connected to nature and has a strong passion for movement. Running and yoga became a form of active meditation and is how Rachel connects to spirit and divine energy. As a teacher, she offers students classes with the intention of helping others to gain self-awareness and also to give them the tools to connect to their highest and most authentic self. Most of all, she hopes to inspire others to move closer towards a life that feels free.

"Growing up on a farm in central New York, I loved being outdoors. I felt a strong connection to nature and found beauty in living a simple life. Spending time in nature was a way to quiet my mind and helped to spark my curiosity and creativity. Being active, adventurous and exploring nature, was a way that helped me stay present. In 2008, trusting my intuition, I moved to Long Island to take an estate management position that allowed me to travel. Soon after, while traveling, I discovered yoga. I had no idea that the practice would become my passion and transform my life."

Our Mission

Rachel Ackley is a luxury sustainable fashion brand. Driven by freedom, simplicity and creativity, our mission is to connect and support entrepreneurs and their vision through custom made clothing. Our collaborations are with individuals in the community who live with intention, passion and purpose. We believe that we are better together and that we are our best selves when we give back and support others. We want to help inspire creativity and the possibility that comes from connection.

"Yoga became one of the most evolving and empowering parts of my journey towards healing and self-discovery. It has provided me with the tools to move through life with more grace and authenticity. Yoga become a way for me to explore myself and unlock my resistance. What inspired me the most was discovering the power of breath and how slowing it down can change our lives. I am inspired and awed by the human mind and the way that our mental, emotional and physical selves are all connected."

Healer Collection

With healing and yoga in mind, Healer Collection was originally created for people leading yoga, breathwork and reiki events. We believe that teachers are role models, and that how you present yourself has an effect on not only how you feel but on how your students feel. There should be love, intention and purpose in everything we do. The clothing are inspired to uplift you and offers a multifunctional purpose; you can wear our dress collection and silk clothing to a yoga event, dress up for an event or night out on the town.

"This is how I manifested my clothing line …

As a yoga instructor, I had a hard time finding clothing to wear to my breathwork events. I decided to create my own look that is mindful, feminine, simple and organic. I wanted a look that embraces the natural curves of the body and that inspires flow and motion. This is important to me because of changes that life brings. I believe that staying in motion and in flow with life is the key to peace and happiness."

Our Material

As being an ethical, eco friendly luxury brand, the material is chosen with love, intention and nature in mind. We want you to feel beautiful from the inside out so we primarily use soft tones that promote healing. We have an open and flexible mind, but mainly work with natural organic cotton fabric, bamboo, all types of silk, organza and linen. We love choosing material that is environmentally friendly, feels great on and that flows smoothly. It's important to us that the material is soft and gives out a shine.

Special Credit

Photography: Kelly Malico, Suzana Culum, Rachel Ackley

Designer: Tatiana Bekker & Rachel Ackley

Models: Bee Bosnak, Ssanyu, Amanda Lachowicz, Melina Hetman, Maria Pappas, Christine Mammes, Matt Solowan, Lauren Collins, Erin Talmas, Marinna Lotardo, Universal Bliss & Rachel Voss

Marketing and Website: Aileen Chan & Kate Melendez (logo)