Girl living a simple life relaxing on the beach
June 03, 2021

5 Major Tips for Living a Simple Life

Have you ever heard of the sayings ‘simple things are often the most difficult’? Guess what we all agree on: as we grow older, living a simple life is a struggle to many. If you're feeling the need to make things simpler, give these tips a try.

1. Becoming a Minimalist – At least work toward being one

 ‘Less is more’ certainly has some truth to it. Owning less can actually make you feel richer. Cutting down clutters in our home give us the chance to enjoy using most. 
Finding out what you give most of your resources to is good start to simplifying. What types of things do you have most of in your place? Is it cosmetics, kitchen snacks, stationeries or kids toys? What are you spending most money on? Perhaps one way to know is to go through your bank statements. How many of those things still matter to me in a year?

2. Gain your valuable time back – Re-organize your life

Making a transition to living a simpler life doesn't always mean reducing the number of things we do, it’s largely about focusing on what is important. As a result we could do less and be more effective. Go through your schedule and eliminate things that someone else should or could do it for you, or things that don’t have much benefit.

There might be things that taking up an increasing amount of our time these days. Perhaps meetings are taking longer than usual more often or someone you know is constantly contacting you for help. Can you draw the boundaries today? Certain people and situations serve your ego, but they come with a great deal of complications. Let go of what don’t serve your soul. Instead, use those time and energy to connect with family and friends that make you feel loved.

3. You, you and yourself - Prioritize Self-Care

Basic needs are no longer basic, and tend to be neglected these days. We are often being taught to believe that we have to be a certain version of ourselves to be liked and accepted by the world. But how do we truly feel about that? Choose to make yourself and your well-being the priority. When we don’t look after ourselves, the cost we have to pay here is the physical and emotional problems that come along, and the tremendous effort to resolve them.
Caring for yourself means: Eat well, eat healthy, since it’s the best way to show love to our bodies; stay close to nature as it rejuvenates us; go for organic and natural options as much as possible to minimize our exposure to chemicals and toxins; last but not least, exercise every day, rest plenty and spend time with yourself.

4. Be Mindful of your Thoughts - Simple Thoughts, Simple Life

Human brains are intelligent, but we also overthink. Thoughts are extremely powerful because they are beliefs, and they also shape our actions. Being responsible for our thoughts is the key to simplicity. Complications are often created in our heads and mixed with emotions that we feel vulnerable to. Our job here is to find out why we have certain negative thoughts and distinguished them from the reality and turn them into positive inspirations. When we are mindful, we have the power to create the simple and fulfilling reality we want.

5. Practice Gratitude - Everything is Perfect

Give thanks on big and small things that we have and appreciate every kindness in the world. Begin to notice the value and beauty in things that we used to overlooked or take for granted before. That’s when we begin to realize we have all we need, and we are enough. Being content means acknowledge that we don’t need more. Chasing after things that we don’t need often the source of dramas and exhaustions.

There is another saying: ‘it’s simple to be happy but it’s difficult to be simple.’ Being happy doesn’t mean being simple, but being simple certainly leads to one being happy, genuinely. A happiness that comes from ourselves within, and a happiness that will stay regardless of external factors and circumstances. 
If you have some other tips to share with us, feel free to let us know in comments! We wish you feeling simple, happy and in good health.

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